Community Gardens

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Groundwork Lawrence operates a growing network of community gardens, providing another source of fresh food to Lawrence residents, while transforming formerly vacant and often contaminated open space into attractive and productive community gathering spots. Gardens are located at Union/Mechanic, Dr. Nina Scarito Park, Manchester Street Park, Cronin Park, Spruce/Myrtle Street, Cross/Cedar Street, Giuffrida, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Lowell/Margin St and St. Andrew's Epsicopal in Methuen and are cultivated and maintained by local resident gardeners. We are always aiming to expand the Neighborhood Community Gardens Initiative to ensure safe, gardening locations for Lawrence residents. These gardens are full however if you would like to be added to the wait list or learn more email Maria or call her at (978) 974-0770 x7006. View More Photos

Spring 2020 Garden Workshops!

Groundwork Lawrence hosts a variety of garden workshops to show folks fun and easy ways to grow their own food! 

  • How to Start a Garden: Interested in growing your own herbs, tomatoes, lettuce or other vegetables, but you're not sure how? This workshop will help you get started.

  • Starting Seeds: Would you like to learn how to save money by starting your garden with seeds instead of buying starter plants? Then join us!

  • Soil & Compost: Learn about the importance of soil and how to create and add your own compost to create nutrient rich soil for a thriving garden.

For more information or to register for any of these garden workshops, contact Maria 


Costello Park Garden and Urban Farm

Opened in 2012 and rebuilt in 2019, Costello has 32 raised garden beds and serves as an urban farm supported by Green Team and community volunteers.

Spruce & Myrtle Ribbon Cutting

Spruce & Myrtle Street Garden

The Spruce & Myrtle Street community garden was opened in 2011 with a ribbon cutting ceremony, as shown in the photo. At the ceremony, Mayor Lantigua noted, "If you came by this site last year you would have seen a lot with illegal dumping and littered with debris. Now we have given the land back to the community for a positive use.” 

Cross & Cedar

Cross & Cedar Street Garden

This garden, located at the intersection of Cross and Cedar Streets, opened in 2011. It was established to provide Lawrencians with another healthy space to grow fresh fruits and vegetables.The site had been a residential space since 1888, but the buildings were demolished, leaving a vacant lot. In partnership with the City of Lawrence and funding from a state PARC grant, GWL transformed the lot into an oasis of healthy produce!

Giuffrida Garden

Giuffrida Place Garden

The Giuffrida Place Garden is the last of the three gardens that were opened in 2011 utilizing state PARC grant funds. This site historically had three triple-decker residences which were destroyed by fire in the 1990s, and once vacant, became overgrown and filled with a significant amount of illegally dumped material. Additional support for the garden were donated by the Farm School, in partnership with Mass Audubon.  

ribboncutting june172010 055

Cronin Park Garden

In July of 2010, Cronin Park, had its official ribbon cutting. There are currently 9 raised garden beds (18 gardening spaces) at this location! At the time of its opening, local students helped plant veggies in two of the new garden beds that the Tarbox School then used for schoolyard gardening education that fall!

may242010 063

Manchester Street Garden

Along with Manchester Street Park, the Manchester Street Garden was opened in the fall of 2009. We are excitecd to partner with the city to rebuild the 31 raised beds in 2019. Manchester Street Park is the capstone of the Spicket River Greenway, as well as the connection point for the just completed Metheun Rail Trail.  The Lawrence Rail Trail is currently in design, which will add to the city's and region's expanding trail system.

Vejetales en Brook St

Brook Street Garden

The Brook Street Gardens are located at Dr. Nina Scarito Park and were opened in 2006. This site was the product of a 6 year process to bring a safe and fun park and garden site for community members to utilize. Residents use the 17 raised garden beds at this location to grow a variety of flowers and vegetables as well as herbs used for cooking.

Union & Mechanic Alleyway Garden

Groundwork Lawrence, through its land trust subsidiary, GWL Recreational Access, Inc. established our first community garden with the building of the Union & Mechanic Alleyway Garden in April 2006. The Union & Mechanic Alleyway Garden contains 8 large raised beds with a total of 16 gardening spaces. The Union & Mechanic Gardens use a palette of Low-Impact Development (LID) strategies that are implemented on-site to capture and percolate storm water on-site, rather than utilizing the city's storm drain system. Learn more about GWL's Union/Mechanic Garden.

20170901_170950Redeemer garden Sep 1 2017.jpg

Redeemer Lutheran Church

In 2017, Groundwork partnered with Redeemer Lutheran Church to build 18 community garden beds. This is GWL’s first community garden build done in partnership with a church. The commitment of the Church to support the needs of it's neighborhood was the catalyst to join forces with GWL to build the garden, open the church up to the community and to help increase fresh food access for neighbors. 

20180713_180521Lowell and Margi gardener.jpg

Lowell and Margin

In 2018, the City of Lawrence and City Council Vice-President Jeovanny A. Rodriguez partnered with Groundwork Lawrence on thetransformation of an “eyesore” vacant lot into a community garden. Groundwork's Environmental Technical Training program, run in partnership with the Merrimack Valley Workforce Investment Board, was instrumental in building the beds and grading the sight, while community members along with the city’s DPW and Green Team put the final touches on the space, creating the our 10th communit garden location. 


St. Andrew's Episcopal

In 2018, GWL partnered with St. Andrew’s Church, Methuen Arlington Neighborhood, Inc. (MAN, Inc.), Boy Scout Troop 83, residents, local businesses and parishioners to build Methuen's FIRST community garden. It's a fabulous example of the teamwork that goes on within the City of Methuen. The 14-bed garden is located on church property and is managed by GWL.


For more information on any of our fresh food programs email Maria or call her at (978) 974-0770 x7006.