Costello Community Garden & Urban Farm

Urban Farm at Costello

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Our largest food production project is our Costello Urban Farm. The space, which is part of the Costello Community Garden, carves out 19,600 square feet of growing space for our Green Team members and volunteers. Green Team (GT) is our year-round program that offers part-time, paid positions for 40 Lawrence high school aged students each year to help learn about and lead local environmental and healthy community initiatives, grow food, conduct research, raise awareness, challenge their peers to do community service, and participate in hands-on improvement projects throughout the City of Lawrence. GT engages in the planning, growing and harvesting of the Costello Urban Farm. This process fosters a relationship with food, the environment and their community while at the same time builds life skills including teamwork and leadership. This year, GT’s efforts help yielded 5,000 pounds of produce, three-quarters of which was donated to local soup kitchens and food pantries in Lawrence. The remaining quarter was sold at Groundwork Farmers Markets, proceeds going back into the farm.


Expansion of the Farm

Through funding provided by the MA Department of Agricultural Resources, we built a 27’ x 48’ New England high tunnel (unheated greenhouse), added a wash station, and expanded the growing space. These resources have enabled us to greatly increase the amount of food we grow to sell at the Groundwork Farmers Markets, donate to hunger relief organiztaions and share with our Green Team members' families.          

Volunteer Hours 

The production at Costello is an amazing resource for the community and it is also a stellar volunteer opportunity! If you would like to be a part of the great work we do, or you just want to come out and get your hands dirty, let us know!  Sign up today!  For more information please contact Eddie 

Volunteering at Costello is supported in part by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation.

Twilight Tours

Stay tuned for information about more Twilight Tours happening in Spring 2020! What is a Twilight Tour? It is a tour of our urban farm, followed by an opportunity to taste some of the fruits of our labor.  For more information please contact Eddie